What can we do for you?

Level 1: Proofreading

We will read your material, identify and correct errors in spelling and punctuation, along with obvious grammar errors. We will not edit your style or syntax.

This level of work is not recommended unless you are quite confident about your English and just want a “second pair of eyes” to check for “typos”.

Level 2: Copy editing—basic

We will correct spelling and punctuation as above, but we will also correct errors of grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

This level of work is recommended for those who are experienced in writing English and whose English is already fairly natural. In other words, if you are chiefly worried about “catching mistakes”, this level may be for you.

Level 3: Copy editing—advanced

As above, we will correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary, but also errors in usage, style, grammatical logic, degree of formality, etc. Sentences that are technically correct, but sound stiff, awkward, or “too Polish”, will be reworked to sound like natural, colloquial English. In the case of problem sentences, a number of possible alternatives may be offered for you to choose from.

Advanced copy editing is the recommended level of service, especially for those who are not completely sure of themselves when writing in English. By choosing this level, you assure that your English will read and sound like natural English.

Level 4: Copy editing—difficult advanced

This is the same as above, but applied to exceptionally difficult work. See Level of difficulty below for further explanation.

Not sure which level is right for you?

If you don’t know which level of service to choose—and this may be true if your work has been translated by someone else and you’re not sure how good the translation is—we will look at your work and recommend a level.

Technical material

Some material, such as a science or mathematical paper, is highly technical and requires expertise in that particular field for 100% comprehension. We will read and correct such material to the best of our ability, and wherever something is ambiguous or unclear, we will point this out and, in some cases, ask you questions to clarify your meaning.

However, while we are qualified to correct your English, we’re probably not qualified to check your astrophysics! In the end, you are responsible for the technical content of your paper. This is especially true if you use symbols, such as Greek letters (π or μ), or complex mathematical equations, but also if you use scientific jargon or obscure technical terms.

Level of difficulty

Some work in English is more difficult than other work to read, understand, and correct. This depends on the writer’s competence in English, of course, but also on the subject matter and on many other factors such as the writer’s personal style. If, when we receive your work, we find that it is either unusually difficult OR unusually easy, we will contact you and advise you that the price will be modified accordingly. For example, normally editing at the 3rd level, with a normal turnaround time, is priced at 20 PLN per page; however, if your work presents exceptional difficulties, we may contact you and advise you that in this case, the price will be 24 PLN. On the other hand, if your material turns out to be unusually simple and clear, we may offer you a reduced per-page price of 12 PLN. The price will ALWAYS depend on the deadline, the nature of the material and the amount of work required, and we will ALWAYS let you know ahead of time.

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