How can I place an order?

By email: You can email us with questions, with requests for an estimate, or with attached files of your document in Microsoft Word format. (No other formats, please! Word ’07 is okay.) We will look at your material as soon as we receive it (usually the same day) and get back to you with any questions. Email is the recommended form of communication. Email is checked at least once, and usually several times, each day.

By post: You can also send your material to us by post, along with any questions. We will answer your questions by email within 24 hours after receiving your material (make sure to include your email address).

Please note that prices and turnaround will be calculated according to when we receive your mail, not when you send it.

What should I send?

Please send your complete document in English. In all cases, but especially if you send “hard copy,” the document must be clear and legible. If your document was originally written in Polish, please send the Polish version as well, as this may help us to understand exactly what you want to say and how to best express it in natural English.

Is that all?

Some things in your document may not be clear to us. In this case, we may need to ask you questions. The most convenient way to ask these questions is by email, because we can show you examples of the things we are having trouble with. It’s very important to answer these questions as soon as possible—otherwise, it might delay completion of the document.

What if I just want an estimate?

By using our pricing guide, you should be able to estimate your price with a fair degree of accuracy. However, if you have a lengthy project, or if you are unsure about the level of difficulty of your text and/or the level of service you require, you can send us either the complete project, or a few representative sample pages, and we will advise you. In such a case, it would be preferable to send samples by email, to avoid delay in the post.
In any case, when we receive your project, we will send you an actual price based on our review of your material.

To complete your order:

- Please transfer the appropriate amount to the following bank account:

Yoga International
Bank Pekao SA I.O./Krakow,
Account number: 87 1240 1431 1111 0000 1048 0274
ul.Zadziele 23
32-031 Gaj/Mogilany
Please add the notation "editing" in the appropriate space on the transfer form.

- Send your material to: service@editingperfection.com

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