Our prices are given by the standard page, depending on:

  • how quickly you need your corrections made
  • how complex the material is and how many changes need to be made
  • the level of EDITING your work requires

What is a standard page?

A page is 1,800 characters, including word spaces. Click here to see a typical page. In Microsoft Word, you can use the Word Count function in the Tools Menu to count the characters in your document, and divide by 1,800 to get the total number of standard pages. However, if you submit “hard copy” (that is, something that you have printed or typed instead of a computer file) we will estimate the number of standard pages.

How quickly can you make my corrections?

It depends on the length and difficulty of your text, as well as on my current workload and commitments.  Please note that I cannot offer overnight or same-day service.  Urgent and Rush service may or may not be available, depending on my other commitments.

How do I make payment?

Payment should be made by bank transfer.

In most cases, we request full payment when you send the material. However, if the overall cost of the project exceeds 250 PLN, we will accept a 50% payment on receipt and 50% on completion.

Basic prices per page, in PLN:

(Note that these are “ballpark” prices only. Actual prices will vary depending on the difficulty of your material; see the comments at EDITING. Also, please note that Urgent and Rush Service may not be available at certain times; please check ahead to make sure that such documents can be accepted.) 

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Normal   15    20   24   28
Urgent   20    24   28   32
Rush   30    34   38   42

All prices are subject to change. The changes will be posted as soon as they take effect.  The above prices are effective as of 1 September 2017.  As of 2017 we are introducing a new level, Level 5, for material that has been translated literally or that is extremely technical in nature.  Prices are 32/page (normal), 36/page (urgent), and 48/page (rush)

To complete your order:

  • Please transfer the appropriate amount to the following bank account:

Yoga International
Bank Pekao SA I.O./Krakow,
Account number: 87 1240 1431 1111 0000 1048 0274
ul.Zadziele 23
32-031 Gaj/Mogilany

Please add the notation "editing" in the appropriate space on the transfer form.

  • Send your material to:


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